[Tools, Tips & Tutorials] [MIUI Device Team] How to Upgrade From MIUI 6 to MIUI 7 for All Devices!

[Tools, Tips & Tutorials] [MIUI Device Team] How to Upgrade From MIUI 6 to MIUI 7 for All Devices! 

10:14, Aug-28-2015
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Greeting MIUIers!

As we all know that the MIUI 7 Beta ROMs have finally been released few days ago. You can download the ROMs from the Official Announcement Thread. So far, the devices which support MIUI 7 Global Developer ROM are listed as below:

Yet, not many people have the idea on how to flash their device from MIUI 6 to MIUI 7. So here I will prepare a detailed tutorial to flash MIUI 7 Global Dev ROM for your device.

This tutorial will be divided into 3 sections:
A) How to Upgrade MIUI 7 with Recovery ROM
B) How to Upgrade MIUI 7 with Fastboot ROM (Not for Redmi Note 3G)
C) How to Upgrade MIUI 7 with SP Flash Tool (Only for Redmi Note 3G)

If you are using MIUI 6 Global Developer ROM now,
then you can directly update your phone to MIUI 7 via updater.

A) How to Upgrade MIUI 7 with Recovery ROM

- It is applicable to All Devices mentioned above

1) Download Recovery ROM file from the Official Thread given in forum.

2) It is highly recommended to download the ROM with PC. Compare with phone, PC has a more stable download progress and better download speed.

3) After download it, compare the size of the downloaded zip file with the original file size. Make sure the size doesn't vary too much, or else don't use it! For instant, I check the ROM file size of Redmi Note 3G like this:


4) Rename the downloaded zip file as update.zip as shown below:

Important Note:
Please use All Small Capital for "update.zip"! Before renaming it, make sure you have Untick the option of "Hide extensions for known file types". This is to ensure that you will not rename your file as update.zip.zip or else you will get into trouble. If you are using Win7, at the file explorer, select Tools > Folder Options, and you can see a window like below:

5) Connect your phone to PC and copy the zip file into your Phone Internal Storage. Do not copy the zip file into SD card!

Important Note:

Make sure not to copy the zip file into any folder of your phone storage. The directory for your zip file must be like this "My Computer\your_device\Phone storage".

6) Now go to your phone, backup any important files from your phone to your PC.

7) Go to Updater App, tap on the 3 dots icon and reboot to recovery mode.

8) In Recovery Mode, we cannot use touch screen.
  • Volume Increase = Toggle Up
  • Volume Decrease = Toggle Down
  • Power Button = Select

9) Select English > Wipe & Reset > Wipe Cache > YES.

10) After finish wiping cache, you will be back to the MainMenu. Select "Install update.zip to System" and confirm.

11) After finish updating, select Reboot > Reboot to System. You might need to give 5-10 minutes for your phone to boot.

Taadaa! You have your MIUI 7 Global ROM installed!

B) How to Upgrade MIUI 7 with Fastboot ROM 
(Not for Redmi Note 3G)

- It is applicable to every devices mentioned above except Redmi Note 3G.
- This method requires a laptop or a desktop PC
- This method will format the data and files in your phone.
- Compared with Recovery ROM, this method has a higher success rate.

1) Download Latest Version of Mi Phone Flashing Tool into your PC here -> MIUI ROM Flashing Tool

2) Download the Fastboot ROM from Official Thread into your PC.

3) Likewise, compare the file size of the Fastboot ROM with the original file size.

4) Make sure the file you downloaded is in TGZ file type.

5) It is highly recommended to move your Fastboot ROM to the root directory of C or D drive, as shown in screenshot below:

6) You will need to extract two times to get the fastboot ROM folder. First extraction will get TAR file, then extract the TAR file to get the ROM folder.



7) Double Click MiPhone.exe to install the flashing tool, and you will find "Mi Flash" in C:\Program Files\Xiaomi\MiPhone after installed

8) Access MiFlash and we will see the interface as below. I will recommend to select "Flash all" because it will have the least bug compared to other options. Then click on the Browse button.

Important Notes:
If you don't want to flash all your data and files, you can choose other options like "Flash all except storage" or "Flash all except data and storage"
Flash all = Mi Flash will flash the ROM by clearing all your data and files in your phone internal storage.
Flash all except storage = Mi Flash will flash the ROM and clear all your data, but not your files in phone.
Flash all except data and storage = Mi Flash will flash the ROM without clearing your data and files in phone.

9) Browse for the folder we extracted in the C Drive.

Important Note:
Do not select the images folder. We should select the folder which after extracted twice from the tgz file.

10) After selected the folder, make sure there isn't any space at the directory as shown below:

11) Backup your files and apps from your phone into your PC.

12) Upon finish backup, we switch off our phone and enter Fastboot Mode by holding Volume Down + Power Button for like 10 seconds.

13) If you see a Mitu reparing an Android robot, means you're in the Fastboot Mode now.

14) Connect the phone with the PC with USB cable, then click Refresh in Mi Flash. You will be seeing this:

15) Click on Flash and wait for it to complete. After finish flashing, your phone will be automatically reboot and enter the new ROM!

If you reached this stage, then congratulations!
You have just flashed a MIUI 7 Global ROM!

C) How to Upgrade MIUI 7 with SP Flash Tool
(Only for Redmi Note 3G)

- This method is only applicable to Redmi Note 3G.
- It is used when your current ROM is not MIUI Global ROM.

1) Download the recovery ROM from the Official Thread.

2) Backup your important files into your PC.

3) Backup your IMEI using this guide, as SP Flash Tool can easily make your IMEI goes invalid.

4) We will be following the guide of flashing Fastboot ROM here: http://en.miui.com/thread-64425-1-1.html. Butwe will use Recovery ROM instead, as we have scatter file in recovery ROM as well.

5) After successfully flashed the ROM into your phone, restore your IMEI if only your phone has invalid IMEI.

Special Credits to:
The Authors of the Helpful Threads - Cong_W, ArjunSriram
The Author whom I stole some of his screenshots - Skidanonymous

Related Threads:

That's all for the detailed tutorials!
Please ask us by replying on this thread if you are not sure

1. What type of MIUI version are you have
2. Which method you should use to flash MIUI 7
3. Whether your device is included for MIUI 7 Global Update

Happy Flashing and Enjoy your MIUI 7!

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